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Advance cracking course By Sajawal Hacker

Course Content:
1) RDP Cracking
1) RDP intro and how to get valid CC Free
2) how to get free RDP
3) How Developer get Free RDP
4) How to crack RDP using Tools
5) Crack RDP using angry ip scanner 100%
6) Get free 6GB RDP , free hosting , free domain
7) clear small dout of RDP
8) Why RDP is important for cracking
9) Tools
2) How to make own combos using sql dumper , tps dork generator , EZ dork searcher
1) how to get free proxy and keywords
2) how to generate dork and search dork
3) How to import links on SQL Dumper
4) How to Find Exploitable site and How to Find injectable site using SQL Dumper
5) How to get own Combos and email list
6) How to export combos and email list on Desktop
7) Tools
3) How to make combos using slayer leecher
1) How to Make HQ combos using slayer leecher
2) Tools
4) How to make own HQ Proxy
1) How to check proxy
2) How to make own proxy and check
3) Tools
5) Premium account cracking
1) Minicraft cracking
2) Nord vpn cracking
3) Netflix account cracking
6) How to use open bullet with Tools
7) SMTP cracking with Tools
8) Facebook account cracking with Tools
9) MD5 Decrypter with Tools

*** Use This Course on Virtual Box ***


: Course Downloading Link :

Link_Password = Ash3rFraz

Direct_Link : Advance _ing course by Sajawal
Mega :

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